Self-Government Works Development Team


Located in Bellevue, Nebraska, BU is a private university known for being civically minded. For years BU has included in every degree program a required nine credit hours dedicated to its three signature civics classes known as the Kirkpatrick Signature Series. Designed for secondary grades, Self-Government Works is a continuation of that legacy.



With years of curriculum and program design in the areas of American history, the principles of liberty, and civics in general, Bill Norton is the project director for the Self-Government Works project. Bill has taught seminars on the U.S. Constitution in forty-three states, is the co-founder of Constitution Week USA, and a recipient of the George Washington Medal from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.



The co-founder and President of the educational institution The Center for Self Governance (CSG) and a U.S. Mark has developed cutting edge civics curriculum that teaches citizens new, innovative solutions to peaceful self-governance in society. He has taught and advised thousands of citizens throughout the country on how to effectively exercise their civic authority.



A graduate of Brigham Young University, Sarah has been teaching youth about the US Constitution for 13 years with Constitution Week USA. She has also developed lessons and taught classes that help women discover their purpose, heal from trauma and live life with more meaning and joy. She now helps the Self-Government Works team in many ways but her favorite part is training high school and junior high teachers how to run the Self-Government Works simulation in their classrooms. 



As a sophomore at Arizona State University, Laine is studying psychology. She participated in the original self-government simulation in her 10th grade American History class as a student and again in 11th grade as a student mentor. She has provided valuable insight in the development of Self-Government Works and is the "Student Hacker" in the program.



With a masters degree in secondary education, with an emphasis on American history, Cara developed and facilitated a self-government simulation in her tenth grade American History class. She facilitated the simulation for six years with over 1000 students participating before she joined the team to help develop the Self-Government Works simulation.



The Center for Self Governance is a non-profit, non-partisan educational organization dedicated to advancing a stable civil society, balanced human government, and a well-educated populace. CSG has contributed cutting edge content on self-governance to the Self-Government Works simulation, making it a rich source of education in addition to its experience based content.